Brawny Man – Brawny Innocent Escapes

Brawny Man - Innocent Escapes
Brawny Man - Innocent Escapes
Brawny Man – Innocent Escapes
[dc]T[/dc]here is a certain campaign, or better yet a [mark]‘spoof’[/mark] campaign, that caught my eye early on in my career.  The Brawny Man’s, “Brawny Innocent Escapes” TV campaign is by far one of my favorite series of commercials or spoofs. The TV spots are shot in a “Saturday Night Live” approach. Personally I think the commercials are good enough to be a real campaign for Brawny Towels, but I have that odd humor I guess. Truth be told, I’m not sure who did the series of commercials, but I’d like to shake their hand.

The commercials feature a rough outdoors Brawny Man with the extreme sensitivity of a young schoolgirl. The commercials are filmed in a POV (point of view) style, where Brawny Man is essentially talking to ‘you.’ The Brawny Man is so oddly sensitive and peculiar that it left many viewers hating the commercials. However, many other viewers, like myself, love the commercials.

Humorous, creepy and original, this is one of my all time favorite set of commercial ‘spoofs.’

Enjoy the videos below.



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