Three Unsuspected Winners of the Covid-19 Pandemic (Possibly)

quote it is strange but true
quote it is strange but true

In mid-February “most” of us started to get fidgety regarding the future state of the world. We might have disguised our weary concerns with memes or jokes, post on Facebook with no real meaning other than to cause a cackle from a friend. By the beginning of March things suddenly took a turn for the worse, and we’ve all be affected.

The reality is, a novel classification of businesses appeared, and the “non-essential” industries became the drive for mass unemployment which we have never seen. However, there are winners and here are a possible few.

Three Unsuspected “Possible” Winners After the Pandemic

#3: HVAC – A Possible Winner After Coronavirus Pandemic

HVAC during CoronavirusWe have a short term memory these days, but if you try to remember the beginning of March, everyone was freaking out (yes, even you). The media was saying it’s a new virus and could kill millions, politicians didn’t know what to do, the scientist and doctors were somewhat clueless too. For all we knew, this could be the end of times! So why not invest in off-the-grid energy sources?

Oddly enough while thousands of people flocked to Costco to buy toilet paper, the upper middle class decided to invest in solar panels.

My sources have told me that HVAC and Solar Panel industry were overrun with requests providing large bonuses to HVAC businesses in March, April and May.


#2: Mexico – A Possible Winner After the Coronavirus Pandemic

made in Mexico coronavirusThis might or might not be a clear “winner” to you. Hear me out though. As China and the USA continue to battle out “who’s to blame,” and as relations continue to break between the two nations, Mexico could win big as a trading partner. Granted, Mexico is already a large trading partner, but can they become even more influential to the American way of life?

A possible caveat to this prediction is Mexico’s cost of living; not to mentions Trump’s desire to bring manufacturing back to America. Doing business in Latin and South America can come at a higher price than doing business in China. I know this first hand because I’m from Brazil. Granted Mexico is vastly different than Brazil, however there are similarities in their socio-economic and political structures.

With that said, “I’m sticking with Mexico as #2!” Viva Mexico!


#1: Small Business – A Possible Winner After the Coronavirus Pandemic

small businesses after coronavirus“Ok, Ok I can tell you people are shaking your heads at me like I’m a major dummy. Hear me out though!”

If your small businesses makes it through this ordeal, I think you will have an amazing opportunity to revamp your digital marketing and approach. What better time to invest in digital than right now.

a. Digital Marketing for Small Businesses:

Many of your competitors are struggling, this is your time to double down on local Paid Ads, Yelp, Facebook and even Twitter! Refocus your advertising spend and go all in.

b. Support Local

If you haven’t heard or seen it, then I’m sure you will soon. Posts on Facebook encouraging people to support local businesses. This might cause a sort of shift in middle America to step away from the big chains. Could this be a “Local Business Revolution?” 

c. Small Businesses are – well they’re Small!

I get it, America loves their big chains and Box Stores, and that will never change. However, there is something “Small Businesses” can offer that large chains can’t – More safety and better service.

Personally I’d prefer a small neighborhood market over Costco. I might pay a little more, but at a small market I’m not rubbing shoulders with a thousand other people.

If small business Invest in Digital Marketing and promote their careful safe environments, then I feel they can actually come out of this on the other end.

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