I’m a Digital Marketer with over 17 years of experience managing small, medium, and multimillion-dollar ad spends.

I’ve helped national and global businesses achieve rapid growth through Direct Response Marketing. My strategies have helped the likes of Dickies.com, LibertyBibs.com, and Freeman.com successfully grow top-line revenue and NTF (New To File Database) with aggressive Paid Search and CRM initiatives.

I’ve led Digital Analytics Teams, which gives me the acumen for analysis reporting and KPIs. My analytical prowess enables me to quickly optimize Campaigns and Budgets on a daily basis to accommodate the ever-changing landscape.

I can be a vital part to your business when it comes to Performance Marketing, and Growth.

 My passions include analytics, SEO/SEM, and programming. I enjoy reviewing data, A/B MVT testing, and making quantitative recommendations for optimizing websites. My work as a Digital Marketer is to review company goals, measure KPIs, test, and make recommendations along with cross-functional teams.

I have experience in marketing to diverse global and cultural environments including; the USA, Canada, Latin America, and Brazil. I have also, managed language-specific campaigns in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

On the organic search side, I conducted keyword research, on & off-page optimization, as well as technical SEO.

I feel my job as a leader is to prepare people to perform and give them freedom to do so.