Three Unsuspected Winners of the Covid-19 Pandemic (Possibly)

quote it is strange but true

In mid-February “most” of us started to get fidgety regarding the future state of the world. We might have disguised our weary concerns with memes or jokes, post on Facebook with no real meaning other than to cause a cackle from a friend. By the beginning of March things suddenly took a turn for the […]

Who Would Have Ever Thought?

We are in it together

This year was going wonderfully until the pandemic hit, “who would have ever thought this?” A phrase we’ve said time-and-time again, over the past few weeks. A phrase, by itself, just another platitude. Today, however, we find ourselves in a Brave New World, where these platitudes have greater significance with life or death implications.  The […]

How to Create a Secondary WordPress Footer for Select Pages (Widgetized)

Wordpress Create Footer

The fun part of digital marketing are the unpredictable situations you find yourself. I consider myself a relatively smart guy, but even I come into situations that make me say, “hmmmmm.” Here is a tutorial on how to create a secondary Wordpress Footer to appear on select pages, and how to make it widgetized. When finished you […]

Understanding Google Universal Analytics and Classic Analytics, Subdomain Tracking

Google Universal Analytics

I recently acquired a new client. They were needing the usual website optimization and digital strategy. As usual I wondered about their data. Luckily they recently installed Google Analytics so I was really happy. Once I researched the client’s analytics I noticed they had a bunch of sub domains they forgot to tell me about. […]

Brawny Man – Brawny Innocent Escapes

Brawny Man - Innocent Escapes
[dc]T[/dc]here is a certain campaign, or better yet a [mark]‘spoof’[/mark] campaign, that caught my eye early on in my career.  The Brawny Man’s, “Brawny Innocent Escapes” TV campaign is by far one of my favorite series of commercials or spoofs. The TV spots are shot in a “Saturday Night Live” approach. Personally I think the […]