Sales Pitch Using ChatGPT & Email Response with Zapier + ChatGPT

Sales Pitch Using ChatGPT & Email CRM Zapier

Two tutorials for creating personalized AI sales emails and spam replies. ?
Funny story: I had this boss once that made me follow up with “EVERY” SEO/Sales email that we received. Do you know those 10 emails yesterday from SEO agencies with the winning formula for getting you on page one of Google?

Yeah..I vetted them all.  (true story)

The shiny object syndrome (SOS) ran strong in that Jedi.

Since I’ve been on both ends of this, below are two wonderful use cases of ChatGPT (AI).

  1. Learn how to create a batch of Sales emails with AI.
  2. Learn how to create a personalized reply to spam with ChatGPT, and an automated Trigger with Zapier.

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