8 Best Ai Tools for SEO Digital Marketing Content & More

SEO AI Tools & Digital Marketing AI tools

We all know about ChatGPT, but there are other AI services in the market too.
Here are eight of the best AI Tools for SEO, paid & content to help your digital marketing efforts.
This first one I’ve been using for two years now and I’m surprised it has minimal notoriety.

1. Frase
What: Frase is a simple but advanced tool similar to Chat GPT, where you can get different versions of your copy depending on how creative you want it.

Use Cases:
• Rewrite phrases for multiple pages (no duplicate content)
• Rewrite similar but different copy for Search Ads

2. Pencil
What: Pencil is the AI Ad Generator that helps brands & agencies create new ad variations 10x faster.

Use case:
• Automatically generate static & video ad creatives
• Run creatives predicted to win based on $1B in ad spend.

3. Hyros

What: Post iOS tracking you need a tool that consolidates your tracking into one single source of truth. It automates user journeys, clicks, emails, and all the sources.

Use case:
• Attribution tracking
• Funnel tracking

4. Albert.ai

What: improves the effectiveness of your digital advertising with more persistence, precision, intelligence, and efficiency

Use case:
• Planning, building, optimizing, and reporting
• Auto-budget allocation

5. Headlime

What: Generate AI landing pages for you

Use case:
• Comes with up copy and structure
• Creates generable documents as well

6. Descript

What: AI generates video scripts for you

Use case:
• Finding hooks and retention clips
• Overdub feature can help you change the voice based on text

7. Varos

What: Evaluate your industry paid performance vs the market & benchmarks

Use case:
• Make weekly buying decisions on benchmarks on CPC, CPMs, and more
• Prove to clients that recent decline or increase in performance based on their data

8. Stable Difussion

What: It is a latent text-to-image diffusion model capable of generating photo-realistic images given any text input, to produce incredible imagery.

Use case:
• Make single images that pop on ads

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