Who Would Have Ever Thought?

We are in it together

This year was going wonderfully until the pandemic hit, “who would have ever thought this?” A phrase we’ve said time-and-time again, over the past few weeks.

A phrase, by itself, just another platitude. Today, however, we find ourselves in a Brave New World, where these platitudes have greater significance with life or death implications.

 The sudden emergence of COVID-19 has brought a surge of camaraderie in the way we live our lives and the way we speak.


Who would have thought - covid19 coronavirus

  1. Who would have thought, “We’re all in it together?
  2. Who would have ever thought, “We’ll get through this?”
  3. Who would have ever thought, “Stay Home, Stay Safe, Save Lives?”
  4. Who would have ever thought, “We’ll be here when this is all done?”
  5. Who would have thought?


The Top Search Results in order: 

1. We’re all in it together.

Note: I searched, “In it together,” but close enough

We’re all in it together - Trends

2. We’ll get through this.

We’ll get through this - Search trends

3. Stay Home, Stay Safe, Save Lives.

NOTE: I split up the search.

   a. Stay HomeStay Home - Search Results b. Stay SafeStay Safe - Search Resultsc. Save LivesSave Lives - Search Results

4. Who would have thought.Who would have thought

5. We’ll be here when this is all done.

 Note: I searched, “be here when this is all done”We’ll be here when this is all done

Disclaimer: I understand this is not a direct search amount and by splitting up the phrases into smaller “keywords” can possibly skewing the data. I felt the “split phrases” is a close enough relevance to provide a directional trend, which is the point of this exercise. 

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