Company Description:

ASGVets is a specialty animal hospital. ASGVets usually performs difficult surgeries regular vets are unable to accomplish. Patients must be referred to ASGVets by their regular vet (rDVMS). ASGVets, does not take “walk-ins.” There is an emergency room open 24-hours for all emergencies. ASGVets founder, Dr. Wendelburg, is internationally recognized in veterinary orthopedics and is particularly well known for his collaboration in developing today’s most-used canine total hip replacement implants and procedures.


Animal Specialty Group (ASGVets), launched a new website at the end of 2012. The new website was supposed to be optimized for SEO and local SEO. It was created in WordPress. The website was plagued with programming (WordPress errors) and SEO issues. The founder, Dr. Wendelburg, a well known veterinarian surgeon in the industry was non-exsistant in search results (SEO) after the launch. The initial developers were PHP programmers but not necessarily WordPress programmers. They broke the Wordpress infrastructure when developing the website. Therefore, the website had many security issues, SEO issues and WordPress programming problems.


I created an initial proposal of re-programming (fixing) a lot of the WordPress breaks and security issues. Then I updated all the templates to be SEO friendly. I laid out a Digital Strategy including content and social media focusing on patients and veterinarian surgeons. Ultimately, I proposed updated surgeon profiles, authorship, navigation changes focused on user experience and analysis, content strategy, social media strategy and programming fixes.

My Participation

Management, Digital Strategist, Project Management, Programming, SEO, Content Strategy, Social Media Strategy